Harley davidsons plan ran by work teams

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Based on a negotiated Modern Operating Agreement, both sides share a commitment to making Harley a high-performance work organization, where the people closest to a job have the authority and responsibility to do it the best way they can. For instance, conflicts can be observed during the decision making process because the decision should be made with references to the vision of the majority.

In addition to this process, Harley has put in place a cross-functional team consisting of people from its information technology IT and operational technology OT departments to support assembly line and engineering processes.

During the tour, MLC members got to see the fuel tank and frame operations, the painting process, vehicle quality audit, and roll test, an area with five bays where diagnostic tests are conducted on bikes.

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And five key principles support the structure: standard work, built-in quality, just-in-time production, continuous improvement, and people involvement. The criticism on Harley would be worse if they did not run their business in the most cost-effective way, including offshore manufacturing.

First, the Harley Leadership Institute focuses on three competencies the company believes all employees should have: interaction competencies including communication, conflict resolution, and team skills; execution competencies such as planning, problem solving, decision making, and performance management; and technical competencies including functional skills in specific tasks and a commitment to continuous improvement.

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