Ways to prevent school shootings

how to stop school shootings without gun control

Journal of Urban Health. These voices are much closer to the ground than anonymous calls to an FBI tip line.

Ways to prevent school shootings

Obsession with prior school shootings, mass murders and methods used to kill many people are warning signs of a potential threat. Stop favoring kids who are athletic and smart and pretty, but favor all kids. Sometimes the threat is specific; sometimes it's not. Ineffectiveness of Poorly Funded Mental Health Programs The common features in a profile of mass murderers depression, resentment, social isolation, tendency to blame others for their misfortunes, a fascination with violence, and interest in weaponry are fairly common in the total population, which suggests a need for greater study to better identify potential mass murderers.

how to prevent school shootings gun control

Regular check-ups could help prevent violence. If we can identify a potential killer, we should at least make it harder for him or her to get a weapon.

Miami New Times.

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How to stop shootings in America: 10 proposed strategies