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It is therefore up to the teacher to look at these qualities and find out which ones suits his or her personality and then find a way to make good use of these traits and apply them in teaching. To me that is a great shame.

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Expert teachers have highly organized knowledge bases with complex interconnected schemas which are easily accessed. The question you have to ask is what qualities does a teacher have to have to make them a good or bad teacher?

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That is their greatest gift and the mark of a good teacher. Labels: what makes a good teacher good teacher essay. What does evidence say about the difference a good teacher can make? Those tired lecturers, who never vary from the same worn lecture notes or PowerPoint slides year after year until they reach retirement, do a great disservice to themselves, the students and their profession. A teacher might rate well immediately after a course is completed, but several years down the track when the student looks back they may find what they learned of little value or relevance. More often, I find that there are more satisfying and enjoyable experiences in school that make up for the bad ones. A good teacher tries continuously. The future of any student depends on the qualities and dedication of a teacher. For this to happen, knowledge and understanding of the subject matter is required since it becomes the framework for constructing other forms of declarative and procedural knowledge that are important for teaching Mullock, , pp.

This include defining a teachers knowledge and what exactly a teacher should know Mullock,pp. The first thing a teacher of the Craft has to have is knowledge of the subject at hand.

There are however few parts of the article that were intricate. Ways of keeping up to date with the language and the teaching methods of a particular language was the least mentioned. The subjects were students of applied linguistics and TESOL in post graduate as well as diploma levels.

100 qualities of a good teacher
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What makes a good teacher?